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Interclub Banner Patch Award
This award recognizes clubs that participate in monthly interclubs & also meet the requirements listed below.  An interclub is defined by Kiwanis International & is based on the size of the club:

  • Clubs with 20 or fewer members      2 members constitute an interclub
  • Clubs with 21 to 30 members            3 members constitute an interclub
  • Clubs with 31 or more members      4 members constitute an interclub

Included in the 2, 3 or 4 members representing your club could be your Lt. Governor as well as a member of a K Family club sponsored by your club, including Circle K, Key Club, Aktion Club, Builders Club or K-Kids.  

    Requirements to receive the Interclub Banner Patch Award for the current year:
    1.     Travel to at least one interclub EACH calendar month during the current Kiwanis year.  
            Visits to another club’s fundraisers or service projects will count as an interclub.    
            Additionally, if a club has enough members present at Division council meetings, 
            District Conventions, Governor Visits and International Conventions, these too can be 
            counted as interclubs. 

    2.    Participate in the TRAVELING GAVEL interclub schedule provided by your Division’s Lt. Governor. 
            (Contact your Lt. Governor for this schedule.) 

    3.    Each club in your Division must be visited at least once during the current Kiwanis year.  (If a club 
            in your division does not meet on a regular basis, please just visit another club in your division.)

    4.    At least one of your interclubs each year must be to a club outside of your home division.  If you 
            have enough members from your club in attendance at District or International Conventions, you 
            can count this as your out-of-division interclub.

    5.    The Club Secretary must report each interclub on the electronic monthly report form.  An example 
            of this portion of the monthly report is included below.  

In mid-November of each year, the District Awards Chair will pull a report of all interclub activity reported for the prior Kiwanis year ended September 30th. Those claps meeting the above criteria will be sent a banner patch in late November.

The interclubs must be reported via the electronic monthly report to receive the Interclub Banner Patch Award.  There is no longer a separate paper form to be completed.

If you have any questions about interclubs, please contact the I-I District office.  Interclubbing is a great way to meet other members of the K-Family and learn about projects and traditions of their clubs.  Enjoy your club visits!