2016-17 Distinguished Criteria
(Secretary to report in Monthly Reports 2016-17)

2017-18 Distinguished Criteria
(to be reported in October 2018)

Click here for the link to the Kiwanis International Distinguished Member application

I-I District Award Applications:

Interclub Banner Patch
The Interclub Awards are determined based on the Interclub activity reported by the Club Secretary on each monthly report.  No separate form is required.  Banner patches will be mailed to clubs in October.  Click on Interclub Banner Patch above for the details of the award.

I-I District Newsletter Contest
The Club Newsletter Contest Submission is due to the District Office by October 31st

There is a form that needs to be completed to accompany printed Club Newsletters for submission.  Please complete the form below and forward it, along with the requested newsletter samples, to the I-I District Office.  This form also includes additional information on the newsletter contest:   
Newsletter Contest Submission Form

If you are submitting your Club Newsletters electronically, please include the information on the Form in your e-mail and attach the four e-mails you would like to submit for the contest in either ADOBE PDF or Microsoft Word format.  

Winners who make their award submissions electronically will have an example of their winning newsletter posted on the I-I District website.

I-I District Club Website Award Form
 I-I District Special Olympics Banner Patch Award Form

Submissions for these awards are due at the district office by October 31st.

Click on the name of each of the awards above to download the entry form and other information.